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Restaurant Credit Card Processing

If you own a restaurant and are seeking a new merchant account in order to accept credit cards, then this site will be of particular interest to you. Of all of the business categories, restaurants are probably our favorite, with Kevin Aniess having personally installed and serviced hundreds of restaurants over the years.

We have designed an excellent low cost merchant account program for your restaurant.

MasterCard & Visa Check / Debit Cards
1.49 % + .22 per Transaction
MasterCard & Visa Credit Card Rate
(Qualified Swiped )
1.69 % + .17 per Transaction
MasterCard & Visa Rate (Mid-Qualified)
2.61 % + .17 per Transaction
MasterCard & Visa Rate (Non-Qualified)
2.96 % + .17 per Transaction
Debit Cards (With PIN)
15 Cents plus Network Fee
Monthly Minimum (Equates to Approx. $1200 in Sales)
Monthly Statement Fee
American Express Transaction Fee
15 Cents
Discover Transaction Fee
15 Cents
Online Real-Time Reporting
24/7 Toll-Free Tech Support
Application Fee
Setup Fee
Annual Fee
Hypercom Credit Card Terminal
Equipment Shipping

You will receive an easy to read and reconcile monthly statement that your bookkeeper will be pleased with. In addition, at no additional cost, we will set your restaurant up to be able to view your transactions, batches, and account history online in real-time. Funds are deposited daily to your business checking account in the gross amount, with the normal 2 day ACH delay, and all fees are deducted once each month.

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If you are a new restaurant in need of new credit card processing equipment or an existing restaurant that has an older terminal and wants to upgrade, then I am pleased to let you know that we will provide your restaurant with a free Hypercom Optimum T4100 terminal and printer combination with a retail value of approximately $450.00. We will program it for free and ship it to you via FedEx second day air shipping at no cost to you.

The Hypercom T4100 is a dual comm unit so you can process either using regular dial up through your phone line by dialing a toll-free authorization number which consistently processes at 5.9 seconds which is almost twice as fast as other dial up units or connecting it to your broadband/DSL service for super quick high speed transaction time of around 2 seconds. Once a transaction is approved it prints in lightening speed of 18 lines per second so a customer receipt prints in just 1.7 seconds. End of day reports take only a few seconds to print. The terminal is so quiet you can’t even believe that it is printing. Even if you don’t have Internet service at your restaurant right now, if you get it in the future simply plug a regular Ethernet cable in the back of your terminal and then an empty port on your router and the terminal will convert to IP processing mode.

The Hypercom T4100 is the easiest terminal to use ever made. There is an easy to read dedicated key for all of the major functions such as sales, tips, refunds, voids, settlement, etc. No more stupid instruction books that might as well be written in Chinese that they are so hard to understand. We program your terminal with the Global Payments East restaurant program and customize it for your needs allowing it to either prompt for server number or to just skip server prompts. A variety of useful reports specifically designed for restaurants can be printed from the reports key. The green enter key is large and in just the right place.

This Hypercom T4100 is yours to use for free for as long as you process with us that we hope will be for many years. Should any equipment problems develop in the future that cannot be fixed by phone support then we will replace the unit for you overnight at no charge to you up to two times per year. It doesn’t get much better than this!

The Hypercom T4100 uses thermal paper available at every office supply store like Staples and no ribbons are required. The paper roll case is clear so you always know how much paper is left and it is the new clam shell design so you just drop the roll in and close it without having to feed the paper through and getting it jammed. A big difference in this terminal from other units is that it uses full size paper rolls instead of those baby rolls that need changing all the time. Just look at the size of the rolls.

Other Equipment

In addition to the Hypercom T4100 terminal above we also sell and support all of the major manufacturers of standalone credit card terminals. If you already own a terminal and are just looking for a new credit card processor then we would be happy to reprogram it for free.

Point of Sale Integration

If you have or are planning to integrate with one of the major restaurant POS systems, then Credit Card Processing Services can assist you. Our processors are certified with all of the popular models. Please allow our well-trained technicians to assist your POS vendor with the internal setup of your merchant account information. This will result in a smooth transition for your restaurant. Here are some of the most popular Point of Sale systems we support along with a link to their website.

Gift Card Program

The latest trend today among the national restaurant chains is to offer their customers the ability to purchase electronic gift cards and/or the opportunity to join their loyalty program. The good news is that we have put together the same programs designed especially for small to medium sized restaurants at a price you can surely afford. For complete details please visit

e-Club Marketing

Communicating with your existing customer base on a regular basis and in a professional manner is vital for the continued success of your restaurant. One cost effective way of doing this is for your customers to join your email club so that you can inform them of your latest dishes, restaurant happenings, and coupon specials. Much more cost effective than newspaper and coupon pack advertising, e-Club Marketing will surely increase your bottom line. For complete details please visit

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For information about any of our Restaurant programs please feel free to contact Kevin either by calling 215-489-7878 or toll-free at 800-717-1245, via Email, or by complete the I Want More Info form. When you are ready to proceed please complete the Application Apply Online form.


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