Advance Your Education

"Which degree is right for me?" For those who desire to continue their studies in graduate or professional school, use 天博app’s career services to help prepare your application checklist, search application resources, 而且 underst而且 program rankings.


Graduate schools award master’s degrees 而且 Ph.D.s in a wide variety of programs of study.

Professional School

Professional schools award degrees required for specific careers such as law, 医学, 兽医, 验光, 和牙科.

Career Advisers are here to...
  • Assist students with program interview prep
  • Help develop search 而且 application plans 而且 timelines
  • Review professional materials
  • Review personal asks for letters of recommendation

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Graduate 而且 Professional School Application Checklist


研究 而且 Deadliness

  • 检查截止日期, noting early admissions typically occur between November 而且 January.
  • 研究项目 through conversations with program faculty 而且 alumni, 而且 your career adviser.
  • Participate in the Graduate 而且 Professional School Fair 在天博app.


Registration 而且 Interviews

  • Register for the necessary 入学考试 对于您的程序. 参加GRE考试考试, MCA, CMAT, or 考试 during the summer before your senior year, 而且 take practice exams in the semesters prior to that.
  • Schedule an interview to participate in Professional Practice Interview Days.
  • Finalize the number of schools to which you will apply 而且 schedule a visit to your top 2-3 choices.


Complete Your Applications

  • Prepare your personal statement, resume, 而且 other application materials to be reviewed by a career adviser 而且 faculty member 6-8 weeks prior to application deadlines.
  • Request letters of reference 4-6 weeks prior to application deadlines.
  • Investigate the possibility of financial assistance in the form of fellowships, assistantships, scholarships, 而且 loans.


职业服务 provides assistance in preparation for graduate 而且 professional school exams,包括:

  • DAT
    Everything there is to know about the American Dental Association 而且 the Dental 招生 Test is available online at the ADA website
  • GRE考试
    访问 the ETS website to learn more 而且 pick up a registration booklet from the 职业服务 office.
  • GMAT考试
    This exam is required  for admission into most business degree programs. Print resources are available in the 职业服务 Resource Area, 而且 数字资源 are available online.
  • 考试
    Find out all the information you need about the 考试 test 而且 the Law School 招生 Council online, or learn more about 天博app’s 法律系的 Advising Program.
  • 称MCAT
    Medical school admissions test information is available through 天博app's Department of 生物学. Students interested in medical fields can be assisted in the application process by the faculty members of the 卫生事业 咨询委员会.
  • PCAT
    Learn about different Pharmacy schools as well as information about how to register 而且 review for the Pharmacy College 招生 Test.

Application Resources

卡普兰 prepares students for 入学考试 to graduate school.  卡普兰 Test Prep 而且 招生 also offers private tutoring 而且 one-on-one admissions guidance.

The Princeton Review
Find test prep courses, news articles, contests, scholarship/grant links, 而且 graduate school search.

Delivers person-to-person or online tutoring for graduate testing

How to Improve Your Study Skills 而且 Get the Most Out of Your Educational Experience

Writing Personal Statements
Resource for premedical advising 而且 writing personal statements